www.99anchors.com is a platform where you can manage boat enquiries and bookings for your boat. www.99anchors.com doesn't charge any commission on a successful sale or charter.

As a Free member you can upload at-least one boat for free and send messages for boat enquiries or reservation requests for any adverts on 99anchors!

We offer 3 types membership which start from as minimum as 19 euro per month!

There are 3 options

1) Broker Membership which starts @ 19 euro per month where you can upload at-least 5 boats and access all the boat enquiries and more!


2)BoatBNB Membership which starts @ 29 euro per month where you can upload at-least 5 boats, access all boat enquiries and access to boat reservation requests and more!


3) Captain Membership which starts @ 39 euro per month where you can upload unlimited boats, and have access to all boat enquiries and access to boat reservation requests and more!


Please note that each membership is free to start and always free to cancel at any time (all in your control).

Also do read our Pricing Page: https://www.99anchors.com/Pricing

And Getting Started Page: https://www.99anchors.com/Getting_Started

You could also view the pricing in your own currency, just change the currency settings in profile page and check the Account Page with membership details



How do I get started?

99anchors is free start and will always be. You can register/login for free. On the Getting Started Page, we have explained to you all the procedures which will help you get started.

Please click on Help > Getting Started.

How to upload profile picture or company logo?

You can upload your profile picture or your company logo from the “my profile” page.

Here’s how to change the profile picture

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on “My Profile”

3.       Click on “Change Picture”

4.       Select your picture/company logo.


How to view all the adverts in my selected currency?

You can view all the advertisements/ listings in your own selected currency once you have a 99anchors account.

Here’s how to change the currency settings.

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on “My Profile”.

3.       Browse through the “Preferred Currency”.

4.       Click on the currency and select a preferred currency as below.





How to set unavailability in vessel calendar?

You can set unavailability to indicate when your vessel is “unavailable” directly by clicking on the date or clicking and dragging from start date to end date in the update area of the vessel.

Here’s how to update unavailability.

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on “My Vessels”.

3.       Click on “Action” button for the selected Vessel.

4.       Select “Modify” as seen below

5.       Once you click on “Modify”, you are inside the vessel update area.

6.       Click on the left navigation menu and select “Calendar” as below

7.       When you see the calendar, you can now set unavailability by click on a particular date. Or selecting a date and dragging to the end date as seen below as below.


8.       Once you select the date range, you can select the unavailability by click on “Unavailable” button as seen below.

9.       Once you click on “Unavailable”, your calendar will show a “red” stripe indicating that the Vessel is unavailable for that particular date.


How to make the date set as unavailable as “available” again in vessel calendar?

You can always set free the date which are set as unavailable by click on the red strips in the vessel calendar.


Do I need to be premium member to send messages or reservation requests?

You don’t need to be a premium member to send messages or reservation requests, all kind of member can send messages or vessel enquiries.


Why didn't I receive my email notification or verification email?

We're sorry to hear you missed a message from us! First, make sure your email address is accurately listed in your 99anchors account:

It's also possible your email provider mistakenly marked our emails as spam and sent them to your spam or junk folder. You can help avoid this by removing our messages from your spam list and adding crew@99anchors.com, noreply@99anchors.com to your personal email address book.

How to change my Email Address?

You can change the email address used to register for an account.

Here’s how you can do it.

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on “Accounts” as seen below.

3.       Click on “Account Settings” as seen below

4.       Next to your email address, click on “Change Email”

5.       You will see a popup window asking you to fill in new Email Address as seen below.



How do I get PAid when accepting a reservation request?

As a Broker/Boat Owner or a Boat Manufacturer, you might get a lot of reservation requests or Boat Enquiries. 99anchors don’t charge any commission when doing a deal on 99anchors.

Payment method and other terms can be set by yourself by communicating with the buyer or boat enthusiasts who would like to rent/charter your boat for a boat trip.

99anchors only facilitates the communication on the website.


Where can I see the accepted Reservations?

Once you accept the Reservation Requests, your calendar will be automatically updated as “Reserved” with a green strip

As seen below in the green strip

When you click on the Reserved, you can see the reservation itinerary which you can refer for managing reservations or taking printouts as seen below

Which subscription is best for me?

You can review our Pricing section and select the subscription which suits the best for you. We offer 3 broad ranges of subscriptions please see the details by clicking here.

How can I try Subscription for Free?

If you haven’t used a 99anchors free promotion within the last 12 months, you have the option to try any subscription for free for 30 days:

Here is how you can do it.

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on Accounts and “Upgrade Membership” as seen below.

3.       You will be taken to a select membership page where you can select any of the membership of your choice and click the “Upgrade Now!” Button.

4.       Follow the prompts on the page to complete your upgrade.

Note that you’ll have to input a credit card number to get the free trial, and the subscription will be auto-renewed and your card will be charged once the 30 day trial is complete.

You’ll need to cancel the upgrade before the 30 day free trial ends in order to avoid your card being charged.

We offer a streamlined menu with all the plan options. Members with previously available plans on recurring subscriptions will be able to continue on those plans as long as their credit card on file continues to be successfully charged and they don’t cancel their subscription.

However, these previously available plans are no longer available to new members.

What are the modes of payment?

99anchors offers a Basic (free) account and various subscriptions (i.e., Broker, BoatBNB, or Captain)

99anchors accept the following credit cards:

·         American Express

·         Discover

·         MasterCard

·         Visa

Or you can simply use your PayPal account.

How do I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscriptions and revert to a free Basic account at any time:

Here is how you can do it.

1.       Login to your 99anchors account.

2.       Click on Accounts as seen below.


3.       Under Account type on the left, click Account Settings.

4.       Below the Account Type, click on Cancel your Subscription.

5.       Click Cancel my subscription on subsequent page.

Note: When canceling your subscription account:

·         Cancellation will end billing and remove “deactivate” all your listings and adverts.

·         Cancellation will block the access to Vessel Enquiries under Messages.

·         Cancellation will block the access to “Reservation Requests” under the Messages.


Are there any fees for cancelling the subscription?

Cancellation of Subscription is free of cost, no cancellation fees are charged.