Getting Started


What is 99Anchors?

99Anchors is a platform, which allows you to:

   Rent a Boat/Charter a Yacht,

  Sell a Boat.

   Search a Boat and make Reservations.

Who can use 99Anchors?


99Anchors is for everyone! Whether you are a

   Boat Owner


   Boat Manufacturing Company

   Boat Enthusiast who would like to rent a boat


How to use 99Anchors?


As a Boat Owner or Broker or Boat Manufacturing Company


99Anchors allows boat owners or Brokers to list minimum of one boat for FREE. You can start creating the listing by clicking on the

“List My Boat for Free!” button

In order to create a listing you will have to register yourself on 99anchors, Verify your account and complete the listing details of the boat which you would like to sell or rent. You will be automatically guided through the process of listing your boat. Click the Help Button if you need more information as below

Help Button. as seen below

Make sure you describe your Boat as detailed and accurate as possible. You can also upload high quality pictures of the Boat with captions and descriptions.

Before activating your listing, you can preview it to check how your listing would look like once put ‘live’


As Boat Enthusiasts and Buyers


Are you looking for a Boat Trip or would you like to Charter a Yacht for a day or weeks? or you consider buying one? then you are on the right place!

You can search Boats and select a boat , which matches your taste and budget.

You can send Messages for free on 99anchors!


Why use 99Anchors!


99Anchors helps to earn and minimize the cost of the Boat ownership!


Each year, boat owners spend thousands of dollars on docking fees, taxes, and other hidden maintenance charges. 99anchors can help you to balance those costs. You can rent your boat and start making profit!

99Anchors provides an excellent platform and easy to use interface to Boat Owners or Brokers.


As a Broker or Boat Owner, you might have number of boats that your clients would like to list for either renting or selling. Why would you create a completely new website and spend thousands of dollars when you can just list your boat on to 99anchors and start managing your listings yourselves!


99Anchors does not charge any commission on either deal or successful booking!


is this Hard to believe? Yes it’s true! You get 100% of the Booking Price or Selling Price.

(either on a successful rent or successful deal).


99Anchors protects your personal information.

Only the members of 99anchors are allowed to contact other members. your contact details are only shared with premium members who has subscribed to one of our membership.

this will ensure that only those who are serious in buying or renting can contact you!

99Anchors provides a lot of features to facilitate Renting or Selling.

As a member of 99Anchors, you can

    Manage Multiple Boats or Listings as a Premium Member.

    Accept or decline any Booking Request

    Enter Selling Price, Renting Price in your local currency.

    Receive Support: We provide around the clock e-mail support.

    Use Calendar Feature: You can set availability of your boat and manage reservations directly in the calendar, print out reservation tickets and manage bookings.


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