99Anchors launched in January 2015, is a global network of independent boat sales and rentals which support both commercial and private traders. 99Anchors facilitates sales of new and used vessels and rent/charter of yachts by allowing you to place your own listing/advertisement under your own terms. We provide the maximum of exposure for all listings placed on our site in 190 countries. Join our platform for free and become part of the largest virtual marina!

Why List On 99Anchors?comparison with other rental service providers
Others Rental Service Providers 99Anchors
Google Promotion Paid Free
Facebook Promotion Paid Free
Customers Boat Owners Boat Owners, Brokers,
Boat Manufacturers
Boat Types Limited More than 30 types of boats
Liability Service Provider Managed User Managed
Calendar Functionality Limited One Calendar Per Boat
Manage Reservation via Calendar
Scope (Renting) Regional Regional + International
Security Limited Only members who are PayPal verified are able to book or rent boat
Currency Conversion - Supports more than
15 Currencies worldwide
Number of Pictures per boat Limited Possible to upload unlimited, and high quality pictures
Email Notifications Limited Get Automatic Notifications on Reservation Requests or Boat Enquiries in your Email.
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99anchors charges guests a 5% service fee whenever a reservation is completed to cover company costs. 99anchors charges host a 5% service fee whenever a reservation is accepted to cover company costs. As noted, the service fee varies depending on the cost of the subtotal. Service fees are non refundable, Service fees are refunded to Guests only when host declines an accepted reservation. 99anchors reserves rights to change the service fees for future reservations.
99anchors will use combination of First Name, Last name and PayPal email which allows authenticity to the boat owners and people who wants to book the boat. PayPal account should be verified and linked to a valid bank account or credit card. This will avoid any fake people using 99anchors. Once verified, guests can book any boats. Once verified, hosts can accept reservation requests.
Its upto 99anchors to change cancellation policy terms and upto the host to select cancellation policy from Easy, Moderate and Strict. Guests are required to abide by the cancellation policy. Cancellation policy only applies when the reservation is accepted.Cancellation policy at time of reservation applies during the term of booking and on boarding.
Cancellation Policy Rules to be selected as per 21st June 2017 are as below
100% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled before one day of onboarding (excluding service fees)
25% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled before one day of onboarding (excluding service fees)
40% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled between 1 day[s] and (including)7 days before onboarding (excluding service fees)
75% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled between 7 day[s] and (including)14 days before onboarding (excluding service fees)
10% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled before one day of onboarding (excluding service fees)
20% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled between 1 day[s] and (including)7 days before onboarding (excluding service fees)
50% Refund if Reservation is Cancelled between 7 day[s] and (including)14 days before onboarding (excluding service fees)
99anchors will add a debt of service fees on host and an automatic review once the host declines an accepted reservation request. Decline policy doesn’t apply if host declines an unaccepted reservation. Boat Owners will have 48 hours to accept a booking request. After 48 hours, booking will be automatically declined if not accepted or declined manually within these hours. If the reservation is made for next day, Boat owners will have 24 hours for accepting reservations.
99anchors deals payments entirely with PayPal. PayPal charges fees for transactions, which applies to each transactions and has to be paid by the receiver More info here https://www.paypal.com/us/selfhelp/article/What-are-the-fees-for-PayPal-accounts-FAQ690
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